Isuzu 4BD2T Swap into 1993 Land Cruiser

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Apr 30, 2010
My 1993 Land Cruiser gasser is getting tired and it is almost time for a heart/lung transplant. I've thought about rebuilding the gas motor, but I am a diesel geek at heart. So here goes. My wife has given me the go as long as I keep the swap at $5000.

I found an Isuzu NPR at a local junk yard with a complete 4BD2T. I can take anything off the truck that I want so I plan to pull everything from the intercooler to the flywheel (exhaust brake too).

So here's my question. The engine is a runner and has 216,000 miles, but I can't drive the truck (broken steering column). Should I get a compression check done before I buy it? Is this something that a junk yard will typically do without too much hassle?

Price: I told the guy I'd give him $1000 for everything that I want off of the truck.

Is this a good deal? I still have to buy a GM tranny ($500), isuzu to GM adapter ($600), Marks GM to H2FA adapter ($1300) and a tranny computer ($500). This puts me at about $3900. If I need to do a rebuild, I'll be at about $5,300.

Does anyone know if I can keep my Toyota A442 tranny with this swap? :wrench::wrench::wrench::wrench::wrench::wrench::wrench::wrench::wrench:

Thanks, Ed
And here's a pic of the intercooler ...
That's the same year my '2TC is as well.

A compression test isn't a bad idea, it's done through the glow plug ports on these.

If it starts easily and idles reasonably without alot of smoke, I would buy it anyway for that price.

If you want to adapt to a GM automatic (I'm guessing) would 't it be less expensive to use a T case that bolts to it stock?

I know there are other concerns besides cost (which side drop, length, etc) but there must be something comparable for less than the adapter.

Not knocking the H2FA, it must be a good case, everyone I see seems to keep them.
It all adds up no matter how you do it. I would add a few more dollars for misc too. Check dirtgypsy's, flcruisers and my swap below for info.

They look like this to start...Then they end like this!

Go for it! Doug
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there are ways to make the 4l60/80 shift maually, i think there is also a kit that replaces the electric solenoids with vaccume solenoids so you can modify your tranny to run without a computer.

From what i've read the few people on don't like the 700r4 tranny on the 4bd1/2 motors.

That is a killer deal on the isuzu motor...if you decide not to buy it pull it/ship it to me :)

I'd look out for deals at local LKQ/craigslist/U-pull for your tranny/tc.

And search mud for used adapters.

3900 bucks for a running powerplant swap in a land cruiser is a prettty goood probably won't be able to find any turbo toyota diesels for under 5!
Thanks for the advice guys. I'd really prefer to keep the full-time case, hence the Marks's adapter. Chevy trannys are all over craigslist and the rebuilds (if required) are cheap.

If there were a way to keep the A442 and to program its shift points I'd be all over it. As it stands, a chevy tranny, stand-alone computer and a Mark's adapter (chevy to H2FA) looks like the way to go.

I hope that the compression checks out because I'd rather spend the $$ on the adapters, etc.

I wonder if the chevy tranny would leave the TC in the same place? I'd like to avoid doing any prop shaft mods.
On my swap the transmission and transfer case remained in the stock location. As the Isuzu is 2 cylinders shorter than the 6, I made up spacers/mounts and moved the radiator back 5.5". I don't know how much longer the auto trans/adapter is than a 5 speed, but you have the 5.5" to work with.

I used the 5.5" space to mount my inter-cooler, which is between the AC condenser out front, inter-cooler then radiator. Keep all this things in mind when laying out the eng/trans mounts.

Check some of swap threads to see the pictures of how others have done theirs.

becaue of the extra 7" the ranger OD added to my drive train and my unwillingness to raise my vehcile any higher than 4" I moved my drive train back about 6-7 inches.

The drive shaft mods were simple/cheap compared to that of making the engine mount brakets and purchase of all engne adapters.

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