Issues with starting 3b diesel rolling speed to slow?

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Feb 17, 2015
I recently picked up a 3b engine and 4 spd trans, I haven't seen it running and it has been sitting for quite a while. Im trying to fire it up out of the truck before doing the swap I have in mind. I have a starter that I know is in good working order because I took it off of a running and driving cruiser. All the vitals are there when I turn it over (fuel to the injectors etc..) and I am using a fully charged batter in another truck with the truck running but it seems like the rolling speed is too slow? what might cause this? thanks in advance.
Do you mean turning over too slowly? I would bet money on bad battery jumper cable connections, and insufficient amperage. I've never tried to start a 3b with one battery, but I have with very weak batteries and it's not very effective. If it were mechanical resistance I think you would know it fast.
I had a 3b starter die slowly and it behaved like you described, just spun too slow. I replaced all the wiring and the solenoid contacts and plunger without it making a difference.

Eventually I replaced the motor itself and WOW night and day.
I recently got a Nissan SD22 started after several years of setting. The original vehicle the motor came out of had only a single battery. I was able to change three of the glow plugs out for new ones that worked, the old ones were no good. So I was able to do a glow cycle.

I used my 94 Chev diesel pickup to jumper to the SD22. At first I was using only a single jumper, unsuccessfully. I then went to a second jumper off the second battery in my pickup and was able to start the SD22.

My theory is that contact pattern of the clip on the jumpers is small enough that not enough amps were available to operate the starter motor fast enough. So a second set of jumpers made the difference. The SD22 is a 2.2 liter motor, but it came new with somewhere around 20/22:1 compression, so it does take a fair amount of amps to turn it over.

A single battery turns a 1HZ just fine and most Landcruisers are sold with only one battery from new. My guess is that its either the electrical connections/cables or the engine it came off had lower compression than the one you have now.
Take it to an auto electrican and get it tested.

Are you glowing the plugs before cranking the engine?
Is it a 12v starter?
Starter voltage is a perfectly good question, but chances are itll be a low amperage issue. One battery in the land of Oz, yes. In the colder regions of the world, diesels like all the juice they can get. I vote for another known good battery and the biggest set of cables you can come across. If that still won't do the trick, and things are turning nicely a snort of ether should get the ball rolling.
Is he doing this in a blizzard or in a heated shed?

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