Issues with a newly acquired 2000 LC

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Jun 18, 2016
Just picked up this 2000 lc with 238k and single ownership.

I'm having trouble diagnosing a hiccup at cold start and a whine noise that's always present.

Initially the vehicle had power steering noise but that went away after topping off the fluid.

Looking at it's Carfax history, the owner had taken it to the same shop throughout it's life and what i can see is a replaced radiator, hoses, heater t's and coil packs.

I'm wondering if the timing belt had been done and if the noise is the water pump or something else. I say water pump because it seems like it's coming from the middle of the engine and a stethoscope isn't giving me a concrete area of where it might be coming from.

No check engine light or anything else present..
My next step is to remove the serpentine belt and start it without it and go from there.

Here's a link to a video i took of it this morning.

Any help or guidance is appreciated.
I was thinking it sounded like the ABS pump until I heard the revving. ABS shouldn't really be affected by engine speed so...
Fan clutch bracket bearing ?
I saw no wobble in fan bracket, but still suspect.
Try stethoscope on alternator and fan bracket.
Removing belt and hand spinning idlers and check fan bracket will eliminate those quickly. Then move to alternator.
Make sure AC off and clutch is not in-gauged.
Similar problem in my '99 LX. Ended up being the alternator, despite my tech telling me it was (and then flushing) the PS system.

Try flicking your lights on and off at idle with the hood open and listen for the extra strain on the alternator.
My 2001 LX previous owner had an ongoing over voltage problem. So her Toyota dealership had changed out her alternator 3 times in less than 100,000 miles. Needless to say, I purchased and didn't know about this reoccurring over voltage problem.

So I changed out the alternator myself and I had a idler pulley bearing going out that her Toyota dealership never changed just 3 months or about 1,000 miles before I purchased it. So if I removed the alternator to check it, I would check the pulleys too when the belt is removed.

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