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Sep 13, 2004
Red Deer, Alberta
As some of you may know Jeremy (hiluxjeremy) and I went last December and visited Gherra (Winch)who moved back to South Africa. It was an epic adventure and just basically a taste of what Africa has to offer. During that time we had all kinds of experiences as well as discovered some things that would make for an awesome group experience. Having talked with some locals and travelling around we have found that a lot of back country 4x4ing is done in Botswana. A little digging and one can find the Isolation trail. Here is a little write up I found.

Isolation Trail
Starting at Makalambedi, and ending at Katima Mulilo, the capital of the Caprivi Strip, this epic 3-week trail through some of the most isolated terrain in Botswana is not for the faint of heart. While it might sound like fun and good times, this trail requires advanced driving skills, a fully equipped and meticulously prepared vehicle, and plenty of hard work to (very often) dig yourself out of the thick sand of the Kalahari Desert.

However, the upside is that you will see plenty of game in some of the most scenic parts of the Southern African region, if not the African continent. This trail is too long, and there are too many sights, smells, and experiences to describe them all here but suffice to say, you will enjoy the most impressive sunsets in Africa, explore some fascinating limestone caves, see the stars as you have never seen them before, and generally experience the Mecca of African wild-, and birdlife. Not to mention of course, driving one of the most challenging trails on the continent.

Nevertheless, you need to plan to make sure you carry sufficient water, fuel, and food since supply points are few and very far apart. We also strongly recommend that you gather as much information on this route as you can BEFORE you leave, and that you definitely not attempt this mammoth trail alone; you need at least three vehicles, each of which MUST carry additional fuel, water, and recovery gear.

Now when they say not for the faint of heart it's not just a sales pitch to get you to seek out the adventure. The wildlife here can be extremely dangerous and as a group we will all have to be work together to maintain the safety of the group. I will arrange information for those interested on a one on one enquiry as to what specific questions you may have. Essentially this will be a once in a lifetime trip. I will even get Gherra involved on the forum to chime in and answer any questions about what you should expect. It really is raw country and amazing.

Vehicles aside from if we can recruit some local wheelers through African connections will be rented from 4x4 | 4WD Car Hire South Africa | 4x4 Rental | Vehicle Hire | 4x4 Camper | Southern Africa | Botswana The vehicles come extremely well equipped and set up for this type of adventure. This is the vehicle that Jeremy and I took for our tour of Eastern South Africa
A solid itinerary will be set up once we have some interest established. Expect at least 4-5 weeks of being in Africa. I'll look into possibly getting the vehicles picked up in Kasane, Botswana otherwise we will have to go get them in Johhannesburg, South Africa and then convoy up to the trail head in Botswana which is roughly 1200 km. I'd prefer to start everyone off in Cape Town for a few days and then fly over to Johhannesburg just to ease people in and avoid any potential culture shock. The trip will most likely take place in January to April of 2018 we can arrange something as a group and determine actual dates. More to come in the future but speak up for those interested.
Feb 28, 2005
Yes John

This does indeed sound like an epic trip and I would definitely be interested in joining. We know some people in Botswana and could possibly make a pit stop there, if its not too far off course to the trail head.
Mar 11, 2011
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Maybe...this sounds like a really fun trip and a great adventure; might even ship the Lexus over. However, life can change a lot between now and 2018 so I can't commit. I'll revisit in a years' time and see where I'm at then. However I'll will be watching this thread because it sounds promising...
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