Is this Welder any good?

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Sep 2, 2007
So. Cal
It's an older Miller model (from 1972-1973)but it looks really clean and it self-powered(has a gas-powered generator that runs it).

Pictures included:

3rd picture is of the generator manufacturer manual.

What do you guys think it's worth?

Looks real clean and it has a mile of welding leads. How much and hows it run?

That's the problem...the guys says it runs fine..oil looks clean(but they could have recently changed it)..they're asking $450...too much? what should I offer if I don't see it running or vice-versa?
Holy **** 450.00$ dude If I were you I would buy it. I thats what a cracker boxs sells for. You can always have the motor rebuild. That almost seems too good to be true 450.00 bucks. Your a lucky man
Miller makes great stuff, but I'd still run a few beads with it to make sure the arc is stable and all of that. It's close to 40 years old, though, so look it over carefully.
I haven't run a bead since my College days.

I want this to pickup welding again and be able to fix/fabricate things as they present themselves.

Without running it, I think I'll see what the lowest is he'll take. I don't want to rip him off, but if he can't guarantee that it works, then I'm the one taking the risk.

I know I can probably get it working though.

Thanks and I'll keep you guys posted.

Oh, does this look like it'd provide plenty of power to weld in automotive type situations?
Hard to see but it looks like 180 amp which should do whatever you need to do on your rig. Stick is a little tough for body work but can be done.

Be nice to hear it run and check the output. If it runs like he says that's a good price.

Like others said, try it out. I have a Miller, Millermatic 251 wire machine and very pleased. I have used Lincoln and Miller machines for 20 years and both are fine units if you like to weld.
I like to use MIG better than stick. MIG is more forgiving. But the price is right.

I like to use MIG better than stick. MIG is more forgiving. But the price is right.


Mig is what you have, right? I think I've seen pictures of yours when you were helping Manuchao out.

This might be overkill for me, so maybe I'll just wait for a MIG welder.

Btw, I'm getting ready to put the Intake/Exhaust manifold (Plus many other parts)back on my 60. It's been out of commission for about four months. All this to try to get it to pass smog.

It needed this work done though!
Yea, my welder is a Miller 200. I love that machine. I might be helping Manu out on Sunday if the timing works out.


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