is this OEM only ??? Thrust washer for engine crank over sized .25mm

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Sep 5, 2007
lenexa, ks
As the title says, working on rebuild/refresh on my 1fz and by all measurements, I need to have oversized thrust bearings; however, cant find them anywhere but dealer. Clevite stock size is available for $16. Dealer oversize (with discount) is about $60.

i have more details about measurements in my Boost thread, link in signature.

Anyone know who makes stock bearings, or where i can find reasonable priced bearings?

You have to be at your wits end.

(Couldn't resist and sorry no idea)
I like the 30% off prices at westborotoyota, but 10% extra for shipping, makes it only 20% off in the end. Plus rather buy from Beno or Dan.

While I am thinking about it. Many thanks go out to Beno. Word is that he had knee surgery yesterday. Wishing him a speedy recovery.
Unless you know the material composition of the OEM thrust washer, I'd stick with OEM. If you do know it's SAE660 or SAE841 or whatever (which I doubt it's either) then just order an off-the-shelf part and save some cash.

Paid Cdan for a part he has never sold before. Either there are not many 1fz engines getting rebuilt, or the PO of this engine worked it pretty hard.

This engine was in Luke111 rig before he got the V8 from Slee.

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