Is this Nut Holding the parking brake drum on supposed to be like this?

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Aug 22, 2007
Phoenix, Arizona
This doesn't match other pictures I've found. It looks like it was crushed in the sides in place of a cotter pin/kaestle nut...maybe?

Should I be ordering another one of these, or will this be re-usable?
That's a "Staked" Nut. Perfectly normal. Usually punched in after it's torqued down, so that it doesn't come loose. Theoretically possible to re-use, but get a new one.
I have never looked closely at mine however just at a quick glance of yours that is a common technique however yours looks to have been installed by a former PO possibly after a new seal was installed?? That is how most if not all pinion/yoke nuts are. If you are not experiencing any problems such as leaking seals or slop in the drum then looks fine to me
Thanks Guys

"Staked Nut"....still lurnin' the lingo, I am. I'll order another one from Toyota tomorrow.

Thank you for the info.
That nut's been butchered!

Buy another and stake it properly. (After tightening to the correct torque of course.)
Sorry to bring this up again instead of starting a new thread but I'm used to seeing the castle nut 19MM X 1.5 & a hole in the output shaft on all but one the tcases that I have. I have this one case (Marlin geared 3.64 10 spline) & it does have the stake marks on the output shaft, but a 19MM X 1.5 nut will not fit. I assume Toyota went to a 20MM X 1.5. I bought a nylock locally & will try that. What year did they switch to the stake nut in case I have to go to Toyota for this nut? Thanks.
I know for sure my '77 has a stake nut in that location - you could start there. I don't know the size and thread pitch.

The one in the picture looks like it's been staked a couple of times - mine looked like that too :hillbilly:
My 1969 xfer case attached to 3 speed J-30 transmission has castle nut and cotter pin. The 1974 4speed trans connected to transfer case has the staked nut.

Not sure if this is helpful. But I do know that 2 toyota dealers have been baffeled and can not seem to get me the right nut. I like to use it as a test of the parts counter's ability.

Cruiser outfitters has them at:

Transmission Output Nut - $3.50 ea.
4 Speed Transmission
(Fits 9/73'-7/80' FJ40/55)
Part# PN20061

Cruiser Outfitters
:confused: But the 4 speed tcases got 19 spline. That's why I mentioned my 10 spline output.

19 spline one-piece case?

Four speed transmissions had 16 spline output shafts 01/74-07/80, before they used a 19 spline output shaft, 08/80 and later...which 08/80 and later also coincided with the changeover from a one piece transfer case to the split case.

Previous to 09/73, the transfer case output shaft nut used to retain the parking brake drum and front output yoke was a castle design requiring the use of a cotter pin.
my 75 is staked so the change was prolly from 10 to 16 spline,,,,

LC maybe ya should get a stake nut or two just in case, cruiser outfitters has'em cheap.
Well, it is a 20MM X 1.5 nut size. I had to cut down the nylock & use a thinner washer so the nylon part would thread onto the shaft.

Let us know if it stays tight. I like the idea for ease of removal but I'm not so sure it will stay tight.
I'd be cautious of that too. Without full thread penetration of the nylon, it may not hold well. Also by making the nut thinner, you have weakend the holding ability of the nut.

Another issue, is that there is the potential to produce enough heat in the shaft to melt the nylon. It would have to get pretty hot, but that is the drawback of nylocks on drivetrains and engines. That is why the staked nut, cotter pins or jam nuts are used instead.
Well, it is a 20MM X 1.5 nut size. I had to cut down the nylock & use a thinner washer so the nylon part would thread onto the shaft.

This is what staked nuts should look like:



I wouldn't be happy with a nyloc nut in either of these applications.

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