is this correct (pic)

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87 fj60 / 95 fjz80
Feb 10, 2011
CA for little while
hey installed my hoses today and noticed one of mine was backwards i think - i put mine like the diagram is -- i hope that is correct - the hose that goes up was too long at first until i looked at the photos and now it fits better -- the only thing that worries me is i see in other photos of engines on here is the way mine was --- whats going on

That Toyota diagram is wrong. I noticed that when i re did all my hoses. Thankfully i took lots of pics.

Really wouldn't matter which way. If you ever access your heater core you will find that the tubes to feed water to it are both on the top of the core if I remember correctly. Can't say I have ever seen one with the hose to the valve on the bottom tube seems like the plumbing would get crossed up.

That being said my 62 and BJ60 are both plumbed like Joe E's pic. Hose on my 62 has never been off, came from the factory that way.

Won't matter, but I have mine like the above photo.

Joe_E -- ain't it time to replace those original hoses ??
Ooooooo -- She purdy.

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