Is this bad? (Answer-I know it's not good)

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Jun 30, 2005
When putting the engine/tranny/t-case back in tonight I noticed a crack in my transfer case. How terrible is this and how would you fix it?

The frustrating part is that I bought this transfer case already mounted to an H55 so long ago I don't know which outfit I bought it from- maybe Man-a-fre..."rebuilt" IIRC.
Poor not seeing a crack.
If it was cracked and full of oil...i would expect to see some.
I circled it in blue. If you can't see it I can try and get a better pic.
I see something that looks very cracklike and I cringed.
I would hope and pray that it's not a real crack but a casting Mark.
Perhaps get a second opinion from a knowledgeable person who can see it.
Agree why no oil leak?
Maybe I should check the oil to make sure it hasn't all leaked out! ;)
split case, is that a casting mark/flaw?
Looks like a casting mark to me. It's perfectly straight and appears to have a raised lip on one side. Clean it well and you should be able to tell for certain.

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