Is this a good Price 90915-30002?

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I was digging around for pricing on Toyota OEM oil filters (90915-30002) since they are dual element and came across this price listing from just type in the part number 90915-30002

$10.49 each

Let me know what you guys think.


Sounds almost too good to be true for genuine Toyota. I looked at them in the dealer in oz and they were 3x that price.
I would grab a whole box at that price;)
That's a good price, but it is in US dollars, if that matters to you.
Also, their shipping is more expensive than Conicelli Toyota Parts.
Basically, any of the Trademotion Toyota dealers are gonna come up w/ a similar delivered price, after shipping & handling are added on.
part number 90915-30002

$10.49 each

I just picked up a box of ten from the local yota dealer (Granville Toyota) for $439 canadian all in...
Next time I will drive to Renton and buy them there! :p

Right on! time to order me some filters! The Cnd Dollar is basically on par so that is a good thing!

I couldn't look up the part number on Conicelli's page for some reason. What vehicle did you use to find the filter?

Thanks for the input guys

There is a box labeled "Search by factory part number" to enter your part number.
Then underneath it, select Toyota or Scion.

And it gives us this:
Item Number MSRP Core Price Price
9091530002 $14.57 $0.00 $11.29
Maintenance & lubrication - Engine service - Filters - Oil filter
Oil filter, pick-up, 4-runner, diesel, w/turbo, 2wd 1985 - 1986
haha! that is awesome Canuck! I wonder which place has better shipping costs... I will email them and find out.

update to an old thread. Just ordered fuel and oil filters for my 1KZ-TE. Noticed the oil filters have gone up a bit since my last order (around 08'). Looks like the cheapest 90915-30002 is now $18.04 from 1sttoyota + shipping.
I did an order through , and got a pretty good deal by calling. Owner's name is Tom and he called me after he noticed I cancelled my cart (I couldn't find the oil filter). Anyway, they stock Donaldson Filters (great quality, 90915-30002=P550597 and the fuel filter is a P550385). $25 for the oil and $21.04 for the fuel filter, $384.?? for the whole thing to my house and he ate the shipping. Tom said give him a call to get this as the part # for the oil filter isn't on the website 215-513-0212. Just another option out there and I appreciated someone who is so customer service oriented they called someone who wasn't even a customer!
Le sigh. It looks like Toyota USA has banned the US dealers from selling to us Canadians. (Even if its to a US-side maibox along the border). I just called the local dealer and they want $62(!!!!) each. WTF, they used to be 25 there.
Any other good options for getting OEM filters in Canada?

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