Is there any interest in a removable rubber cargo area?

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Aug 8, 2011
In the back of our helicopters, we have rubber mats that are formed from a mold and fit perfectly. I realize there are rubber mats available for 40 floors, but I thought some liners that went up and over the wheel wells, and down the 'step' toward the seat frame would protect much more. You would basically have the benefit of a spray in liner, without the impact of a permanent fixture in the vehicle.

I am thinking about having a few of these made, as it would be fairly easy with what I have access to. Let me know if there is any interest.

-There could be *some* color matching, as in grey, brown, black, blue, or red

-The bottom is flat, while the top is textured

-The liner averages 3/16" thick

-I think the price would be roughly $150-175 from the info I've gathered

Here is the helicopter version:

Up close:

The area the liner would cover:
I am a little intrested....
Is the material a flexible rubber type or hard like a bedliner? Cool idea.
Wouldn't water still be able to get between the liner and tub? Not being able to dry easily would be great breeding grounds for rust. Looks like you have done some rust repair on yours...
I like the idea. It would certainly look better than the cheap disposable carpeting I use.

I wouldn't mind either if the liner only covered the flat areas of the floor and didn't extend up the wheel wells. It would probably be a lot less bulky and and easier to remove, not to mention probably easier to manufacture and ship. The tops of my wheel wells don't see much wear anyway.

I think mounting stuff on top of the liner looks cleaner, but I like cutouts because it makes it a lot easier to remove. On the liners for my other vehicles I like to be able to pull them out and hose them off easily, or to pull them out to dry them when they get wet.
I might be interested.
But I do tend to agree with above mentioned concern of moisture getting between the liner and the tub. If not think of water penetration, we still should consider humidity and temperature changes. Often in the morning when I get to work I can see windshield fogged and some other parts are covered with tiny drops. By lunch it's all gone, but if it would be a HD liner that big, it may and most likely will trap that condensation.
I'm second to just a flat piece covering the floor. It's easy to remove and clean too.
I like the idea but second the notion of not doing the tops of the wells but going up the sides to protect the inside of the wheel wells if it's rigid enough to stand up. Cool idea!
Thats exactly why almost no one uses truck bed liners anymore. They promote rust between the liner and bed

Remember, floors of helos arent made of steel, and they get way more maintainance and leaning attention than our FJs.

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