Is the Toyota tech right or crazy? Brakes (2 Viewers)

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Jan 2, 2003
Syracuse, Utah
I didn't see much of this after searching... so no 10 lbs on a fish scale business, just 25-30 for the inner nut and 43 for the outer? Can you point me in the direction of sources/ justification?
I agree with the comments that the spindles could be damaged if you're had loose wheel bearings for a while. So be prepared to replace those if necessary. Where are you located? I might be able to give you a hand. Checking the wheel bearings and getting them set correctly is pretty simple. I would suggest contacting Cruiser Outfitters and getting a copy of the service instructions that they include with their front end service kits. Those are the instructions I've always followed and used for torque settings etc.

What brake booster are you using? Many aftermarket ones are hit and miss on how well they work and how long they last. The stiff pedal and long braking distance suggests a bad brake booster to me. So I would start with the wheel bearings, toe settings, spindle replacement if needed. Then address the brake system starting at the booster.

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