Is the brake master toast?

Jan 14, 2010
I have been working on the 78 FJ40 and finally got to the brakes. While bleeding the rears, upon initial pedal application I get slave pressure but it bleeds down while the pedal is fully depressed. I am not getting any air out of the system other that what I got out of it when i first started bleeding the brakes. Seems like a check valve might be sticking too. This FJ has been sitting for quite a while.


Nov 18, 2008
Hellertown, PA
unbolt the master and check the pushrod coming out of the slave and see if it's wet. If so, it could be leaking fluid into the slave ( I had about 1/3 a quart in mine and before I figured out what was going on). If it is wet, then you could rebuild the master or buy a new one. Pull out the pushrod and while you got the master disconnected, get a rubber stopper and plug the hole where the pushrod was on the slave, disconnect the vacuum line and apply vacuum to the slave and see if it holds..... Mind you I did this on my 74 and I think the brake system, at least in the engine bay less drums vs discs, is similar. Good luck!!
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