Is my truck able to drive with open AC?

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Feb 27, 2011
:doh: oh well, started AC compressor re build today on my FZJ 80 and AC line is disconnect of cause, compressor is half way of rebuild, now I realized I need shaft seal kit to order to finish this job. Long story short I didn't think I need it so I don't have it now.

Question is is it ok to drive truck while AC compressor is out from truck?

I will be off for AC switch and fan but I just don't know it's ok or not.
I need truck out of drive way and few days commute 7 miles one way.
You will be fine. Make sure to plug the lines or plastic wrap and rubber bands. You will need to replace the receiver dryer since it has been open for a period of time.
just cap the lines and you can drive it as much as you're willing to drive without AC.

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