Is my steering knuckle serviceable?

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Apr 2, 2019
Wilmington, NC
So I finally got to rebuilding my front axle and this is what my steering knuckle looks like:
You're about to fill all those voids with a greasy felt ring. Not a concern at all.
A brass wire brush on a cordless drill would be nice and soft on the steel, but get that crust off with a quickness. Carry on.
If you wanted to, after cleaning the rust up, you could then apply a rust stop product to get into the pits then any rattle can paint to help slow down future rust. If you wanted it to last longer you could use a two-part epoxy primer and a two-part top coat (Search Spraymax).

IME the problem is that moisture gets into that area and the felt holds it there against the metal. Doesn't make sense it would rust with all that grease, but they do.

Another option:

I'm so used to desert vehicles... This rust damage is a whole new animal for me. I wasn't sure if I could just prep it and paint it since the factory machining is gone.
When you see "real" rust, you'll know it.
You could toss that part in a salt bath for two of your life times, pull it out, hit it with a wire brush and use your left over worry quotient on something like who will be the next supreme court justice.
Sheet metal? All bets are off.

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