Is my speedo off? (1 Viewer)


Jul 23, 2006
Chicagoland, IL
For 33 inch tires:

Speedometer and Odometer are both off by ~12%

Larger tires = more turns of the new larger tire to equal 1 revolution like it was with stock tire size.

Say for example I did 230 miles on the trip meter:

That's 230 x 1.12 = 257.6 actual miles

Divide by gallons of gas gets you your MPG's

Your odometer reads slower because of the larger tire size. Same with the speedometer, its off by a percentage, so remember that its just not 5mph slow because there is a big difference between 12% of 30, and 12% of 70.

If you wanted to be really accurate you could measure the actual diameter of your tires vs the stock size for an exact percentage.

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