Is my power steering pump going bad?

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Sep 5, 2006
Charlottesville VA
I feel a vague crepitus in the front end when I'm driving..almost like the power steering is low but doesn't really get more noticeable upon turning. It has been a little low a few times recently and I have topped it off. Looks like its seeping from somewhere around the pump but I'm not sure where. I replaced the high pressure hose about 6 months ago. When they fail is it all or nothing? I saw on SOR site that they don't recommend a rebuild because some machining is required. Is there another pump I can pull off a more common toyota car in a junk yard?
Toyota PN: 44320-60071

The PS pump can fail in a variety of ways. Often the decline is incremental.
A new one can be found for under $400 if you shop around.
When my pump failed, I went with a Saginaw unit. In my opinion, this is a superior pump to the Toyota. More assist (for those larger tires), super reliable, and common as dirt.
I agree the saginaw is a better part, easier/cheaper to rebuild, and you can pick em up reman from any auto parts store for about $50. Although if your running a stock rig as a daily driver and have no intentions of going with bigger tires then OE is an easier option, just kinda expensive.
It's either the power steering pump or the smog pump. It sound like a low hum and it goes up and down with my engine rev so I know its not a hub or front axle noise. also feels a little cruddy even thou the ps fluid is topped off. I hope its not my smog pump as I just replaced it less than a year ago. My power steering pump and reservoir look wet but can't pinpoint a leak. Also just replaced the pressure hose last year.

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