Is my Frame Bent?


Oct 11, 2017
I just went through this process. The DS rear portion of my frame had a twist causing the truck to lean and the rear axle to shift slightly to PS. I removed the body and took the rolling chassis to a frame shop in Albuquerque. They were able to put it on their frame machine and straighten it to within 1/8in. This also allowed the rear spring to hang straight, realigning the rear axle. The left rear body mount bracket was also bent down and they straightened that too so the body will sit level.

While I had the frame on saw horses in the garage, I ran a tap through all the captured nuts, welded on new captured nuts to replace missing ones, helicoiled about ten stripped captured nuts, extracted about a half dozen broken bolts, replaced the front/rear spring plates and hangers, and fixed whatever else needed fixing. The rivets I removed for the new rear spring plates are being replaced with metric black oxide Allen head bolts with flange nuts.

Took it to get media blasted and then primed with Southern Polyeurethanes Black Epoxy primer with UV inhibitor. It’s now ready for reassembly. Costs below:

Frame straightening: 10hrs labor at $80/hr = $800
Media blasting: $300
SPI Black Epoxy primer/activator/cleaner: $300
Paint shop: $500

It cost about $2k total to get the frame sorted. Decided to play the long game and get everything mechanically right prior to reassembly.

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Wow you sure did go the extra mile. Would love to see more pics of your rebuild process or (before/after) pics.

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