Is my factory amplifier going out? (Stock LX450 sound system)

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Dec 27, 2005
What are the symptoms of an amp going bad?

My speakers are in bad shape, so I plan on replacing them, but the other day they all suddenly sound way more blown out than usual. I'm worried replacing the speakers won't solve the problem. I was really hoping not to have to go with an aftermarket head unit and bypass the amp.

Take it in steps. Replace speakers or rebuild foam first. May not be an all or nothing proposition.
I really doubt the amplifier is going out, it's almost certainly speakers that have given up the ghost on their foam surrounds or the coils have rubbed out on the magnet.
Replace speakers front first, then back.
Add small powered subwoofer (mine's under the pass. seat).
Sound deadener in front door and rear quarter panels.
Then, better than average aftermarket headunit (I like Kenwood Execelon for sound quality, it's worth it).
Last, add amp to the above system.

You were all right - the speakers all had just completely fallen apart. I replaced my front speakers with the ones specified on Crutchfield and put Kilmat in the front doors. It sounds ok so far if I fade it all the way to the front, until I can replace the rear speakers. After I replace the rear ones with some 4" Polks I got off ebay, I will be done. No need to replace the head unit or amp, they've got everything I need.

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