is my bj60 an '84 or '85?

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Jun 30, 2009
BC, Canada
The door plate on my BJ60 says "Sept 1984", which was the starting month for the 85 year, but what frame # started the 1985 year? I was able to find this info for the 40 & 55 series, but not the 60 series.
here are the frame numbers for '84 and '85. I'm not sure what value the "model year" is at this point. When purchasing parts, etc. you need to reference the month and year on the name plate.
frame number reference 1984-85.jpg
dont know, what was it registered as?

the registration papers say it's an '84, but when I order parts from Lordco or TW, they only have the year in their parts books, no month. Some of the parts have been right, but I ordered U-joints & they were incorrect. Just recently I was talking to Steve from EBI Cruiser Parts, & he was saying that the '84 year was a transition year, so certain parts I'd have to physicially take measurements or take things apart. I was hoping I could find the starting frame # for the 1985 year. If my 60 is an '85, parts wont be such a challenge to find.
If you click on the link below for the TLC FAQ 60 series page and scroll down to 1984/85 you will see that there are several changes that were rolled out associated with the BJ60 in that time frame, and not just in one month. There were some changes in september, some more in november, then others in early 1985. And just because a change is said to occur in september, it doesn't necessarly mean that the first truck made in september had that change.

The only way to be sure is to use the toyota parts list, which provides detailed information what frame number the change occured.

TLC FAQ - 18.1 60 Series Production Timeline (US/Canada)
A quick check
I would Treat as a 1984 MY and you should be good 2 GO.

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Toyota doesn't wait till years change to change up parts. You will find inconsistencies all the time. The best is the VIN number at the dealer. Otherwise expect errors occasionally.

btw August is usually when the years change so a Sept. 84 would be an '85 model year
Telling the difference between an 84 and 85 is tough, they are so damn similar. These are the only differences to my knowledge I can think of between the two:

-Up until 1984 they had the older style T-case, in 1985 they introduced the electronic H4, so if you have electronic H4 it should be a 1985.

-As far as I know the BJ60 had only brown interior up until 1984, introduced the grey option in 1985, and changed fabric design for 1986 and up. So if you have grey interior I'm going to bet it is a 1985.

-Up until 1984 there was no clock and the Filter light was on the far right by the glove box. In 1985 there was a clock, the filter light was to the left of the cig ligher, and the rear heater switch was on the far right. After 1984 the rear wiper switch was moved to the left of the steering wheel.

-Does it have a/c, cause I have seen many many Land Cruisers, and have yet to see a/c in a pre-85 BJ in my lifetime. Then again I'm only 19.:D

- Check the frame, if it opens up above the rear shackle mounts, and in front of the rear tire, it is an 84. After 1984 the frames were boxed throughout.

-Pre-1985 had "GLOW" on the cluster to show when the glow plugs are running, in 1985 it said "PRE HEAT"

If I think of any more differences I'll be sure to post them up, but this should give you a pretty good idea. Maybe a picture of your truck would help us, I know that colors like silver were not available pre-1985 for example.


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