Is my ac compressor dead?

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Aug 28, 2016
Edmonton, AB
Just warmed up here in Alberta and my AC is not cold. I’m pretty sure the compressor isn’t engaging (see video below) I hope I’m looking at the right thing. I checked the fuses and they’re all good. I can turn it by hand but it never kicks on with the AC low high on for 20 mins nothing.

I looked at most of the lines underneath and there’s a couple suspect spots but nothing obvious for a leak. I guess I’ll get a little recharge kit and check the pressure.
Low/no freon won't engage it, bad relay also won't engage it, broken wiring won't engage it, finally a broken compressor won't engage it.
I believe if the outside air is colder than the ac setting, ac wont engage.
I added Freon to mine and bought about a year then had to pony up and buy one. 1999 and it went at about 240k.
Go buy a can of R134 at your local walmart, the one with the gauge on it. Turn your truck on, AC on and fan at maximum, find the low port, it's next to the power steering reservoir, and put on the quick release, it'll sorta tell you the current pressure inside the system, fill if necessary. You can also look at the little freon window if you look to the left and lower portion of the driver's side headlight to see if anything is in there.

I got this but noticed it’s r12
It's not R12, it's a hydrocarbon based refrigerant. I'd get regular R134a rather than contaminate the system with that.
UPDATE: I actually bought a little oil tester to see if it was oil rather than refrigerant. There was ZERO pressure in the system so I kicked in that can of R12a and the compressor fired right up. The existing residue on the port was green also so I think the PO was trying to find an existing leak. So black light here I come. Thanks for all the helpful replies above.
Can I take over this thread for a minute? My compressor is doing the same thing. I can see leaking fluid on the hoses going into the can. I took it to Toyota, and they said that if there is a leak it won't engage. So they fixed it and it was fixed. HOWEVER, it was also raining real hard when it first wouldn't engage, and then it kinda "fixed" itself, excluding the visable leak. So back from Toyota, ac working fine, run it through a carwash.... No cold air, compressor clicking. What happened?
There is a common spot for leaks near the front passenger wheel well. Both the large and small tube just behind the wheel commonly corrode and develop pin holes. Use a UV light to check the pressure. R12a refigerant is not recommended. Unfortunately, R134a is not available over the counter in Canada (or California for that matter). You need certification to deal with it in Canada :confused:.

Use a dye kit and black light to find your leak in a dark garage. I'd bet it is on one of the two parallel lines that runs down the passenger side frame rail. Likely, the leak is just behind the front passenger side wheel.

Check out this video:

Less common leaks develop at the compressor, or at the front / rear evaporator cores. Again, a black light is your best friend for finding a leak.

If it is an AC line, you can buy a new one or consider repairing it with Dorman 800-643 (for the small line).
I haven't needed to refill or top off my 100 but i'm pretty sure i've seen R134 refill kits at Walmart and O'Reilly.
I haven't needed to refill or top off my 100 but i'm pretty sure i've seen R134 refill kits at Walmart and O'Reilly.

You did.

No 608 Certification is needed to purchase or use R134a (HFC's) in amounts less than 2 pounds (per container) in the U.S.
Perform a recovery, leak and vacuum test then recharge. Unfortunately you have to take it to a shop for this, there is a machine that will do this complete cycle.
If you come down to Calgary I can help you out in the shop I work for. I had similar issues with my LX and turned out to be a minor broken line below the passenger door, so small that it would leak 1 week after the recharge.
I ended up splicing and capping the line to the rear a/c (no use for rear a/c, no kids, no dog, only camping gear). It hasn't leaked in over a year.
403-801-8503 if you need a hand down here.

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