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Mar 20, 2017
El Portal, CA
I also want to stress, based on rust free frame, straight body panels, and assuming driveability, I think $1500-2k is fair. You can always part it out if it's a basket case later, and recoup costs and make a bit on the side.
Also consider checking with @slow95z , who parts these regularly. Seeing as you're both in GA...

Edit: being in CA, I see comparable rigs like this going for about $2k almost every day (they sell quick, especially for less). But, that's priced to move. Priced more may help you sleep at night, but I've also seen nicer ones sell in longer time for less $. The market is still ripe, so I do recommend buying, if feasible, even if just to flip and make a few $.

Good luck! And let us know if you got it, and keep us posted!
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Jan 19, 2005
South west utah
Honestly, I feel some of the previous comments are incredibly high. I bought my first rig, rolled, for $1800 delivered (almost 3 hrs, 1-way drive). The second, I bought for $1400, which drove home (albeit, it had some issues, but still drove at interstate speeds).

I think $2k is reasonable, but still high, considering the neglect. I think you're closer to $1-2k. Granted, it's what the local market is willing to pay. And how much work you're willing to put in. However, while these are appreciating daily, you should looks at what comparables are selling for.

$3k still seems reasonable, but anything above that seems asinine; you're still looking at $2-4k in baselining, plus more to get it back to quality condition, which will cut into your bottom line, if you're just looking to flip it.

The whole mindset that these rigs are worth $20k+ is nice, but those typically are unmolested, later model, clean history vehicles, and usually triple locked. "Normal" rigs that have been worked on to get back to good shape aren't selling for near as much (market dependant), or so it seems.

I think a reasonable offer would be $1500, since they contacted you. Be willing to go higher, and consider passing it off to someone else at a mild profit.

Just my $0.02

This is exactly what I was talking about in my earlier post. An experienced mud members that has bought multiple 80's and has years of experience with them says it is only worth $2,000.00

But I guarantee some hipster would be all over this thing for $7,000.00 if the owner posted it for sale on auto trader or ebay.

There are plenty of people with plenty of money that want 80 series right now.....
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