Is it hot in here?

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Jan 14, 2015
NorthBay, CA
So, unlike most of my old vehicles, the heater works great in the fj60 (which btw the wife has named Hobbes), but the problem is that it doesn't ever stop working. It'll be 75 outside and inside it's 85. At first I attributed this to the GINORMOUS tranny hump producing radiant heat (which it does) but I just realized the other day that even when the blower is off and the temp is set to cold and the recirc is off (or on) there is a steady stream of hot air coming from the lower vents. Upon writing this I realize that the vents might be from the underdash AC system and that might be the issue; the belt to the AC unit is off. any suggestions? adjust the cable pulls to the air/heat system? if so, how and which way?

I know I took the lazy route and only did a half-assed search of the available forums but I thought, after slogging through endless posts about heater cores and inconsequential info, someone might hold the key to this.
Check the cable that runs from your dash to the heater control valve. Valve should be on the drivers side your firewall. Its got a loop at the end that goes over a stud on the valve linkage and if that has fallen off or let go your heat will be stuck on.

If the cable is dicked you can close and open the valve manually by pushing and pulling on the linkage. Get someone to slide the heat adjuster dealie in the cab of the truck while you take a look under the hood. I dont think theres any adjustment available to you as its just a push pull cable in a housing.

If the cable is attached to the water valve and the plunger moves accordingly, ruling out that as the cause of the problem, feel the hose of the water control valve (after the valve) in the engine compartment (see pic). If it feels hot when the inside control is set to "cool", the valve is not shutting off the coolant flow through the heater core as it should... and should be replaced.

thanks for the replies, I am currently working through a manifold gasket replacement and a desmog. As soon as that is done, I will track down what is happening with the heat.
Just buy a new valve now. They are available, and won't break the bank. That way, if you find that the valve is good you will still have a new spare for the day it does fail.

That's what I did, at least. No worrying about discontinued parts for me!


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