Is Decatur a nice place?

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Land Speeder

Jul 23, 2004
Valley of the Heroes
I might have an opportunity in Decatur, but this would not be a "stepping stone", but then again, I ain't into jumping around, so I am looking for long term employment anyway. What's that place like?

Anywho, I like the idea of being in that area for my weekend excursions, it makes me closer to offroading, camping and mtn biking adventures... whats about the wimin?
I haven't been there in a while, but I've always heard that it is a really nice place.
I have a few friends that live in Huntsvegas and it is a nice place you have everything you need and there is alot of growth and a few colleges in the area and a good night scene for the ladies.

There is a ton of stuff to do outdoors and a great location you are less than 3 hours from a lot of big cities.

It is a great place for tech.
Pretty cool old town area with bars, etc. Right on river, friend of mine works for the City of Decatur (IT). Let me know if you want to me to pester him....I grew up in Athens (bout a 20 min drive).
If they hiring... I'm buying!
And robb neighbors in thu night tweettweet
That's it! Thanks for putting it into perspective for me matthew!

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