Is cruise control on a 62 hard to find?

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Feb 8, 2007
Clermont FL
Hi, The previous owner of my 62 started to install cruise control. It is a push button type located in the middle of the dash under the radio. Is this stock? It hasn't been completely hooked up under the hood but I have all the parts. I am thinking about upgrading to another nicer cruiser and was wondering if I should remove it for my new ride.
Sadly, there was never a stock cruiser control offered on the 62 in the united states. What you have is aftermarket, and it might or might not work depending on you having all the parts and the instructions.
My old 62 had a sweet cruise control, with a lever to control it next to the turn signal. I believe it was dealer installed. Sorry, no name brand.
I have the same one as winslow. My driveshaft magnet took a dump a couple years ago and i havent felt like fixing it.
I had the same experience as agent orange. after multiple "re-adjustments" of the driveshaft magnet, i gave up.
If anybody wants mine ill pull it, PM me if you want one.
I have a cruiser unit and it looks to be factory installed. I need to hook up the vac line and give it a try and see if it works. I've had an aftermarket cruiser get stuck on before and that was fun trying to stop a car going 70 with the gas still going. :) So I hope mine works without any issues. The PO also had the manual so I need to read and see what is missing.

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