IPF light bulbs with stock harness

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I'm so confused by all things electric haha. In the 62, do u change out the whole square light or just the bulb? What are some good choices of headlight where I can keep the stock harnesses, besides ipf? Noob question I know..
If it's anything like the 60, then the bulbs (OEM) are pressurized Halogen units, so you need new housings that have the correct adapters for the bulbs. IPF housings are recommended. (by me anyway)
I think Round Eyes makes them too. (or did last time I was in the market for that sort of thing)
Alright thanks a lot, Words like wattage and voltage confuse me a bit. I wasn't too bright (haha get it, get it. Light joke) in physics.

.. That joke was s***t.

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