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Apr 8, 2009
Buffalo New York
Hey, my names Joe and my family owns a 2001 Lexus LX470. I am a frequent member on Club Lexus and I am sure some people here will recognize my username. Joined here because the lx section at club lexus is basically dead. Hope to learn some things while i'm here and hopefully be able to add some legit input. Mod wise, the car is completely stock other than a chromed grill, Sylvania light bulbs and bosche wipers. Little info, its a fully loaded LX 470 light blue over gray with 113k miles on it and still going. Driving from Buffalo to NYC with it today. Hope to enjoy my stay here :cheers:
Welcome to Mud. You'll find a lot of great info here and will probably become infected with the mod virus. ;)
^ Ha, well to many members dismay, i am looking for chrome 18 inch rims from 03+ lx and a brush guard. It's moms car and thats what she wants. We don't offroad it, but this beast does see a lot of snow haha

(despite the brush guard notion... :))
get her an ARB instead of a brush guard....or dont put anything on at all. Brush Guards cause more damage to the truck than they are worth..
No brush gaurd!

Welcome to MUD!

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