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Mar 23, 2022
Sacaton, AZ
Hi! I recently purchased this project of an FJ80. I've gotten a ton of info from the forums so I figured I should make an account. It's been a fun learning process getting acquainted with the platform and the 3FE.

DEC00095 (1).JPG


So far aside from cleaning it out and removing various stickers and additional badges I have done the following.
-New fuel door spring as it was missing
-Rebuilt the rear brakes (never dealt with drums so that was fun)
-New rear wheel studs (4 were snapped off between both sides)
-Hood and hatch struts (old ones were for decoration)
-Upgraded battery cables from Mark G.
-Added stock fusible links (PO removed them and electrical taped wire in place of them)
-Oil change and new fluids also greased every fitting I could find (duh)

I am currently in the process of doing the following things
-Desmog (with the help of a wits' end block off plate, various vacuum caps, and a m26x1.5 bolt to cover the flex pipe hole from exhaust to EGR)
-Cooling system refresh to withstand the AZ summer (Aisin water pump, Aisin fan clutch, thermostat, a bunch of Gates green stripe heater hose and a couple OE form fitted hoses)
-I have some 16 inch Fifteen52 Analog HD wheels waiting for some Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs as soon as I am done with the previously mentioned work


Next on the list
-I would like to get the front axle rebuilt (no clicking yet but I'd rather have it done sooner than later)
-It was in a front end collision at some point and needs new inner fenders and a core support to straighten out the front. My eyes are peeled for a good deal
Nov 9, 2012
Olathe, KS, USA
Welcome to the fray!

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