Introducing my other wife "Freya"

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Feb 12, 2011
4-5AFCE802-1237578-800.jpg IMAG0074.jpg

Work in progress. Kinda new to the LC world. But Lovin every minute of it. I thinking 2.5 lift and some Slee sliders next. After i figure out that damn low idle vibration.
Bronco -

Welcome! I just got mine a month ago and love working on it. I'm in Westminster, where in CO are ya?!

Lakewood, Co.
welcome to the mudness!
Welcome. Be prepared for an addiction. I've had mine since last October. Just got my snorkel kit for it on Friday. Going to be installing it today.
Very nice color combo - I like it a lot. Congrats!
Welcome, nice ride and already aquiped with some armor. Keep us updated with potos of new mods.
Low Idle vibration, did you replace the plugs / tune up? What is the milage on this LC? HGasket was ever replaced, mine was vibating due to one of the cylinders was beeing flooded with coolant:(
Have not done tune up yet, on this weeks todo list. Has 226k To my Knowledge has never had a head gasket done. VC leaking only visable thing. Thanks for the info. I'll check into that.

1995 FZJ80, Factory Locked, 7 pin mod, Arb front-bumpit rear armor, sub tank overhead. 226k
1999 Tacoma 2wd, 370K
1972 Bronco. 4.10 4.11 500hp 460
Mud Salute!

C'mon people where are your manners.... :rolleyes:
Cant believe no-one gave this guy the official mud newbie salute..
Welcome to the mudnes :flipoff2:

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