Intro & Wanted: Front bib to fit 1976 FJ45 pickup (1 Viewer)

Sep 8, 2014
West London, UK
Hi all,

Being my first post on this site I had better do a brief intro...

I've just picked up a 1976 FJ45 Pickup in Rustic Green that has certainly seen better days but the plan is to do a long term full restoration.

I'm a Kiwi living in the UK where there is a VERY limited market for these trucks so parts are as scarce as rocking horse p00.

As I'm just about to start pulling the thing apart so this will most likely be the first of many attempts to source parts that don't exist (well, for a reasonable price) over here.

I'm after a good condition front bib (grille?), preferably OEM, if anyone knows where to find them?

Next task on the cosmetic side will be trying to find fenders and lower door patches but I think I may have found a source in Portugal for that (

Thanks all, by the way I've read the whole thread of buckroseau's '3 days and 3300 miles later' and that has given me infinite inspiration given mine looks like how his started off. Amazing read!


Aug 1, 2012
Huntsville Al
Welcome to the FJ45 club! I bought my first one in May of this year. The bib for the 45 is the same as a bib from an FJ40. So that should make it a little easier/economical to find. You will need to specify if your truck is LHD or RHD when you start looking for front fenders. It makes a difference because of the steering gear box cut out in the inner fender well.

Happy trails,
Michael <><
May 10, 2005
Calgary, Alberta
Yes, the bib, and everything forward from the seat is the same as on a 40 series.

From the seat back, really only the tail lights are the same.

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