Intro to my new fj80

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Mar 29, 2007
Northwest Arkansas
Hey guys, i'm new here so i thought i'd post up some pics of my recently purchased FJ80.

I bought it with slight front end damage, and missing the front bumper. There is no frame damage though, and it runs and drives great! It does have the 3fe, but after a complete tune up, it runs nicely now. It doesnt feel nearly as underpowered as it did when i bought it... I had the cuts cut off and replaced with straight pipes because they were clogged, and i adjusted the throttle and tranny cables. Those two mods helped out the most.

I had these wheels laying around, they are 15x10" wheels that I had on an old K5, and I also had the tires laying around. They are 33x12.50 TSL Thornbirds. They measure bigger than that though, they measure 14" wide on these 10" wheels.

Other than that, its all stock, and performs very well.

I do want to get some factory locked axles for it, and a suspension lift.

Oh yea, i only paid $500 for it!!! Pretty good deal ya think?

On to the pics...







Great deal! Dont see that color combo often. Are you going to put a bumper on it? Maybe Slee or ARB?
Thanks guys! I'm definitely putting an ARB winch bumper on it. That will make the front end look a lot better!

Go 3FE!!

Welcome :D
$500 and no front bumper, u got burned............not, welcome to the POWA! thats a lot of meat in those wheel wells and greetings :flipoff2:
Good deal definately. First thing I would do is get some tires that actually perform well.
Thats a steel! An ARB bumper will cost more than your rig! Nice score .........:flipoff2:
Yea thats thats a crazy good deal
Thanks for the comments guys! I really like this vehicle. This is my first Toyota, and its really impressed me so far.

Went to Disney Oklahoma today and did some wheeling with some other rigs over there, and well.... Lets just say that they were all driving jeeps (Lifted, locked, 38"+ tires..ect...) and they went up the toughest hill that was there. Well, i couldn't let them show me up, so i went for it, and i had to hit it hard, because the hill was VERY LONG and VERY STEEP, and had rock steps about halfway up it. I lost my momentum once, had to back down it a bit, and hit it hard. But the cruiser made it, and nothing broke! They were very impressed that it made it, since it doesn't have the factory lockers. I do however, plan to change that as soon as I find some for sale...

I'm from the northwest corner of arkansas, and if any of you would like to go wheeling sometime, just let me know. I plan to attend the Razorback Rumble in Hot Springs that's coming up in june, so maybe I will see some of you guys!

Here's two welcome salutes! :flipoff2: :flipoff2: the extra for being jealous at the great deal! :)
Welcome to mud m8, for $500 bucks you couldn't go wrong. Good looking rig!
$500 is a steal!!! Nice color combo, I have the same on my FJ80.

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