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May 4, 2010
MCBH hawaii
Hello from Hawaii,
been a fan of Cruisers for quite some time,
ben to the "jeep" side, ben to the "rover" side, But theres no party Like an LC party,
seeing as a LC party dont stop
ive been roaming around this site for at least a year now in Afghanistan, so as soon as i got back i ended up, slapping cash on the table and walking out with
a nice-ish 1997 40th anniversary fzj80
i cant wait to burn Grandiose amounts of money making into the truck ive been seeing in my dreams for the past year of my life.
as far as plans go, im thinking somewhere along the lines of
expeditionary / jeep recovery / daily driver,
big dreams
small wallet

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Congrats on the purchase. Where in Hawaii? I spent 2+ years on Maui. It's quite a nice place to be.
Sweet. Congrats :cheers:
welcome to the club.
Welcome! :flipoff2:

The real key is patience...

Some folks cut corners to get a larger portion of the list "done"

I have found that stuff will start failing before you get done with the list
with this approach.

Just do what you can afford to do correctly. And baseline, baseline, baseline.

All the gadgets and additions in the world won't mean a thing if it's sitting in the driveway, not running.
tnx for all the kind words,

What part of hawaii?
the Marine Corps base in Kaneohe on Oahu, ben there for about two years now,
Maui is pretty nice, the only island i have left to visit is The big one.

that baseline comment really drove it home, thats why i like this site,
get advice without even asking a question.


changed some bulbs over the weekend and went to the beach,
got home and thee key wouldnt turn in the ignition.
cylinders locked.
i have to rock the friggin wheel like im tryna steal it to get it started.

fixed the ignition problem, found a crapload of other stuff,
yesterday the CEL and BRAKE lights came on,
im pretty sure the BRAKE is on because of low brake fluid,
But i have no idea why the CEL is on. it never goes off.
im in the process of base-lining.:eek:
and boy, does the list grow fast..
so far ive found
enough rust for two trucks
one mystery leak (possibly HG)
yucky stuff on my knuckles/front axles
a weird popcorn smell,
and squeaky jingly sounds while driving.

Is there anyone in the oahu area thatd be interested in taking the bribe of pizza/beer to help me fix my pig?

Is there anyone in the oahu area thatd be interested in taking the bribe of pizza/beer to help me fix my pig?


Throw in a plane ticket and im there :p

Nice rig and welcome aboard, dont get discouraged by the problems, they are also an oppurtunity to learn the ins and outs of your cruiser. :cheers:
Congrats, just hopped on the LC boat myself. I'm working on baselining as well. Hope you get through the initial problems that cars always seem to have when switching owners without too much expense.
congrats and welcome!

having a new to you 80 is so awesome! the initial stress of getting the quirks figured out will go away as you start diving into the list - many of us are in this right now as well. With my most recent 80 purchase, I was reminded by Oleg at Irbis Off Road - "now that you've done the lift and suspension, go out and enjoy your truck for a while".

keep your eyes peeled for other 80s out there with any small level of modification to them - talk to these folks about where they get their work done. and check the vendor lists here. there might be someone on one of the islands that can refer you to someone on Oahu.

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