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Apr 1, 2016
Hi all, guilty of skulking for answers for some time! Bought my LC love -2000yr- in 2007. Now has 178k on it, all getting kids everywhere and my reliable drive of 70+ miles a day to foothills while caring for elderly mom. Now all are gone! Kids to EU and mom to a happier place without memory loss.

Don't want to give up my love LC yet tho!

I had to put off maintenance for past 50k or so while doing all the caring.

1) Where to start that is affordable?
I've not done the serpentine belt due to $$. Last major was 120k.

2) now I have a brand new, sudden Low frequency humm or moan mid-chassis I think? Wasn't there Sunday night. Was there Monday morning. First time ever. Can't hear it outside of car near engine on in P. Hear it inside while driving.
Goes higher w/acceleration in D
Is not heard in Reverse.
Doesn't feel to be part of drive power -- good acceleration as normal.
But oh what a sound!

Ideas please?
I'm sure it's obvious but mechanics, car sounds, and being older female... You know how that goes. Would love to have ideas before they see $$ walking in.

Thanks for all the edu in past!
You guys are great.
Apr 1, 2016
On a hunch I just went to see if I knocked the 4WD shift out of pkace Sun pm while rushing a cat-in-carrier to vet. Shift was in H ok...
But that is where the sound humm is coming from!
Any ideas why it would suddenly start this hummm (even in P now?)
Apr 1, 2016
Update: took in for gen maintenance: oil change w filter etc, front diff, transfer case, coolant flush. $600

Told need new power steering pump, hoses, ($1400) fluid wasn't low but they washed away guck to monitor it. No fluid loss.
And of course brakes. Knew that. $650
And said battery diminishing.. but new battery and new alt was last thing I had replaced 5 yrs and 40k miles ago.

Hummm gone over 50 deg.
(They didn't hear it of course).

Drove away happy n hoping, knowing I'd soon need to do psp/hose and brakes but can't at moment.
Car driving as always, quiet powerful, safe... Such a great vehicle.

Next day: HUMMM BACK! 😎😭
Esp at 45 deg and under.
Sound in P D not in R or 2/3.
Def goes louder w acceleration and softer at idle at lights but audible. Seeming Rt side?

No power loss. Not skipping. Seems all good -save for this "sudden" hummm never before heard.
Ya I know--178k miles.
Hummm appeared literally overniggt. Not there Sun pm. There Monday a.m both 40 deg or less.

Help!! Any knowing ppl to give me a guidance as to what to ask to check?

Saw a easy diagnostic on youtube that said belts quit hummm with a spray of water, to help Id if a pulley or tensor vs belt?. Will try it when I hear it-- was 60 today and no hummm when I went to listen for it.

But yup... Quick trip to store in dark just now at 43 deg and there it was, louder.
Don't want to destroy something!
In dark at night solo esp.

Any other ideas? Can't do the "lets just fix it all" (as chow did on his LC on youtube) right now tho wish I could.

Thanks for any help!
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