Interstate AGM batteries supply

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Aug 15, 2016
Orlando, FL
Just FYI -

If you are running an Interstate MT75 in a Slee second battery mount, or an MT-series 34R in the starting battery location.... The MT series 34R is no longer available, it has been replaced with a 36 month "MTZ" model. If you want the replacement "MTZ series" for either of these batteries, there is currently about a one month backlog due to coronavirus.

My local Interstate dealer stocks the 24 series MTZ with the correct reversed poles for Land Cruisers, so I had to settle. The dealer is resetting my warranty on the 24 series (36 month replacement), which was good because my batteries were 40 and 43 months old. Would have preferred the 34R, but I can't wait a month with no truck. :-( Beggars can't be choosers. For the MT75 replacement, no choice but to wait.


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