International MWM Power Stroke 3.0 4 cylinder direct injected Diesel?

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May 30, 2003
Asheville, NC
Has anyone had any experience with this motor. I have talked with Jonathon Ward(TLC4x4 in Van Nuys, CA) via email and they are going to start offering this motor in Cruisers that are smog legal in CA. I have not heard of this motor being discussed in any of the diesel conversions threads (trust me I have read all of them :flipoff2: ). Here is the link, I think this is the right motor he is referring to. Any experience good or bad?

Engine Model
Power Stroke 3.0E
Configuration 4 in line

Displacement 3,0 liters

Valves / cylinder 4

Aspiration Turbochargecooled

Combustion system Direct Injection

Injection system Common Rail Piezo electronic

Power output 163 hp ( 121 kW) @ 3800 rpm

Peak torque 38,7 kgf.m (380 Nm) @ 1600-2200 rpm

Dry weight 200 kg

Emissions EURO III
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Tapage said:
is the same engine ( I thought ) that comes here in Ford Ranger Pic up ..

You bastages.... but it's still a Ford.

Looks awesome, wonder what the fuel economy would be.....

Yep, those turbo diesel Ford Rangers are here in Guatemala too! Along with diesel compact Blazers and most any other truck you can think of with diesel including 'Cruisers of course.
I forgot to ask about transmissions, I'm assuming that it will atleast be either an h55f or nv4500, there is no way I would get one with an auto. Knowing TLC they I'm sure they won't allow this to happen with out a manual you just might have to have $$$. They are claiming 30mpg in a FJ40 atleast. But if its 25+mpg its all the same to me. The only thing that has me a little worried (beside the $$$) is the electronic injection... Cruiser_guy any insight on how reliable this motor is the in the ranger or blazer? It also looks like the put them in an Xterra in some markets.
Its a modernised version of a Landrover diesel:D
roscoFJ73 said:
Its a modernised version of a Landrover diesel:D

Say it ain't so!!!

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