Intermittent steering diffculty - to left..

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Mar 3, 2012
Adelaide, South Australia
Intermittently my FJ45 takes much more force on the wheel to make a turn.. is a front knuckle rebuild likely to resolve this or should I be looking elsewhere?

Birfields ok?
steering stops adjusted properly ?
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When I finished my cruiser build, on its shake down run the steering started acting goofy. Steered normal one direction, but took all my might to steer it the other direction. When I removed the steering box (Saginaw) the large nut around the input shaft (selector shaft?) had back off and let the internals spin, destroying the box. I don't know if your box is bad, just throwing it out there as a possibility.
Have you confirmed that the steering gear has oil in it?

Bingo.. I think I have a winner.. it was completely dry..

Gear oil added.. will monitor for a week or so :)

Thanks everyone..

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