intermittent gasoline odor inside my LC

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Nov 3, 2003
Is there a way to prevent the smell of gasoline from coming inside my 1983 Landcruiser? Every so often, the odor gets pretty strong inside. It seems to be coming from the gas tank...I cannot see any leaks. any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Check the vent lines and the charcoal canister.
Check the back interior panel by the filler. I have heard stories about that getting gas in it. Might also want to pull your rear carpet up and make sure your sender isn't leaking.
Another thing.. your cap may not be sealing properly. Just had the gas pump guy put the cap on crooked-Oregon has no self-serve :doh:. Smelled it inside as it was sloshing about. The cap may be worn out or?
I had a gassy smell in my FJ for a while too. Decided I should do something before my rig exploded so I rolled the window down and cut back on those burritos off the roach coach. Funny, my wife is friendlier now too.
Maybe if you took Junk's Momma out of the back......

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