Interior cage material for a pig

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Feb 2, 2004
After seeing FJBen's 55 after his roll I am thinking about putting in a simple interior cage. Hoop at the dash, a hoop behind the front seat, a hoop behind the rear seat, and a hoop at the tailgate and then tying them all together at the top. Would 1.25"-1.5" DOM be ok. I know it is a little small, but it would make fitting the cage into the interior easier. Could using a heavy wall tube make up for the size difference?

I belive DOM jumps from 0.120 to 0.188 but no sure dont quote me. If you go with the thicker DOM then I would figure you would be fine.

Petersons 4 wheel and off road has a good article on types of tube in it this month if you want more info.
My cage is 1" interior for the gussets 1 1/2 for the horizontal members 1 3/4 for the verticals. I'll get full cruiser pics up soon but you can see it in my cage thread.

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