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Jun 19, 2008
I am very sure that a few guys on here (esp from down under) have seen this thread, but to browse LCOOL you have to register etc, so I thought I would cut and paste the really interesting bits. The gist of it is a debate on the updates to the 70 series and then the existence of a genuine 4 door 79 series p/up made in limited quantities... Hope this is not some sort of taboo/copyright violation! But I figured that AAI (House of Cruisers) has a pic of my 70 series somewhere in there so... there are pictures of this fabled 4 door p/up in the link!

Hey Guys,

As far as my info goes the 70 series wil have a different dashboard to fit 2 airbags and it wil have ABS as its becoming the law in some countries this Landcruiser is sold in.

1FZ-FE engine, you do not have anymore in Australia, wil be replaced by the 4.0 V6 Petrol 1GR-FE. For Australia the V8 TDI wil stay as it wil easy meet the next level of emission standards, Euro 5.

4 Door Landcruiser pick-up has been build by Toyota since 1990 till end of 2006. officially its named Landcruiser 79 4 Door IC wich stands for incomplete vehicle. It was a cab chassis. Basicly a cab chassis 79 series with extended body on the same frame.

It was build using body panels from the Japanese76, 77 en 78 series before we had 76 and 78 available to us. On top of that there are special made parts that are only for this version like the " C " pillars, rear wall and the raised roof.

Production quantity, as I was told, about 400 per year. These Landcruisers where not sold to the public, they went to Toyota Tsusho and this organisation used these for specific projects like mining etc. Some of these 4 door 79 series were delivered to Morita who is building fire trucks.

They did the same with later 60 series but that was easier as this was already a 4 door vehicle.

How do I know about the parts ? Simple, I bought one in parts to build it because I could not find a complete one in Japan.

With best regards

Hello Guys,

Im not sure how to put pictures in the postings but you can vieuw some on the following link;
House of Cruisers, LandCruisers only

Any questions, just feel free to ask.

As this website is still in progress all input to make it better is welcomed.

With best regards


1HZ engine was max Euro 2 in its latest form in Australia. This was the engine with the EGR system on it. Also these engines were no 130 HP as Toyota said but most of these we measured reached 124 - 125HP. Of course torque was also down to somewhere around the265 - 270N/m.

Specially on those engines, extractors work realy wel. I had a German customer filing a complaint that my information of a gain of 6 - 7 HP and 20 - 25 N/m was not good. He showed me a dyno test that showed his HZJ74 putting out 146HP and 345 N/m. Genie extractors and some more fuel on the injectionpump. Of course we blank off the EGR connection on the exhaustmanifold. You don't put an airfilter on your engine to let dirt in via the back door, isnt it ?

There is a company in Germany, we work together with, that has a Euro 3 kit for the 1HZ. We sold 7# series here in Europe with that kit. Now they have a Euro 4 kit as well but its quite complicated and in low volume very expensive. We still sell 7# series with that. Basicly the 1HZ engine cannot reach that level with only 2 valves, mechanical injectionpump and no turbocharger.

In my opinion Toyota wil keep building the 1HZ for another 3 years when the 7# series wil finally dissapear. African countries are moving to Euro 2 level and even Euro 3 so that wil be the moment it wil stop. I cannot imagine Toyota putting a commonrail 3 liter in the 7# series and there is no sight on a V8 TDI with left hand steering. Id wish we had some.

Wow, interesting stuff in that post.
Sorta sad to think the 70 series can actually disappear soon.

Interesting posts. It seems that the 1FZ-FE engine's days are coming to an end, as well as the Land Cruiser's simplicity.

Some time ago I saw a Swedish educational video about road safety. It advised against putting children on the passenger's seat at first, because of the airbag, but it went on to state that it was possible to have the passenger's airbag removed (by the automaker's service center, I guess, not much was said about it) in order to accomodate a baby cradle or a child seat. Contradictory but allowed, at least in Sweden.

I hope the dashboard redesign, if it proceeds, will not render a panel as ugly as that of newer Land Rover models.

The Land Cruiser's panel is spartan but functional, and I like that, everything you need to know at a glance. It is possible to add a gauge, a button or both, without much hassle. And last but not least, it is built tough and built to be repaired.

Last December, a friend of mine complained that my Cruiser lacked cup holders for, say, coffee. I showed him a bottle holder I have next to the parking brake for my water bottle. "No need for cup holders," I said. Then came questions about ABS and airbags. "This is a most uncomfortable car," he replied, visibly dissapointed. "Any good car, American or Japanese, must have cup holders, amenities like a good radio and leather seats, and safety features." To which I replied, "no need for those. This uncomfortable car will take you anywhere, anytime, and back. Your amenities make little if any difference to that." Then the conversation drifted to what we were doing that day.

The most sophisticadted safety system will not prevent damages/deaths due to poor driving or unsafe practices. True, newer Toyota airbag systems are quite effective, but in the end, as Wayne says, it is the nut behind the wheel, nothing else.

If you know your Cruiser, you know what it can and what it cannot do, which will keep you on the safe side. Otherwise you are riding for a fall.

Thankfully, I got one of the "old" Cruisers, and I am happy about that. Another reason to enjoy driving/wheeling it.

My two cents, no flames intended.

It is possible to add a gauge, a button or both, without much hassle. And last but not least, it is built tough and built to be repaired. This uncomfortable car will take you anywhere, anytime, and back.
Thankfully, I got one of the "old" Cruisers, and I am happy about that. Another reason to enjoy driving/wheeling it.

Well said as usual !

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