intercooler installation tips ?

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Dec 14, 2005
i have an aftermarket high mount turboed 2h diesel 60 and am thinking of fitting a top mount intercooler to it as one of my mates gave me one from a celica gt4 in good condition . and then running a low mount hornet scoop on the bonnet and approprate heat shielding under it to lessen heat soak .
Anyone installed a top mount cooler before as i've got ideas on how to do it but would like a few different views before i start welding ?.
(using 3" copper pipe for intercooler plumbing as it gives better heat exchange properties and is easier to work with)
I have in plans ( only plans so far ) turbo intercooler setup in my HJ-60 but I thought ( pretty sure ) that you get more replys in the diesel section ..
Top mounted intercooler


I have a top mounted water cooled intercooler on my 62 with 12-ht engine.


The engine before install


The cooler it self and mounting hardware


The engine after install


I also added hoodscoop
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no, that is the reservoir for the water for the intercooler

did you have a electric pump to move the water thorught the watercooler . ?
Yep, from the reservoir, trough the water cooler, to the intercooler and back to the reservoir.

The water cooler is the black one in front of the radiator, and the pump is located between the cooler and the reservoir.

very very much interesting .. thanks dude ..
Only problem with top mount intercooler is the limited size and heat soaking from the engine bay. Sounds like the hood scoop and insulation will help some with that. I like the one haffi has installed.

The copper tubing may not be the "best" choice. You actually want no heat transfer in the intercooler piping as it will pick up heat from the engine bay. Steel would be the best choice for limiting heat transfer (compared to copper or aluminum). Try to keep the length of intercooler piping short too, as this will keep turbo lag to a minimum.

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