Intercooler for TRD supercharger

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One of the guys on the LCML has a Intercooled SC 80. I have been PM him with questions, etc., however he bought the cruiser with the IC.

Here is his website w/pictures. Very simple idea & fabrication. Don't know if the previous owner tried to maximize the size of the aluminum intercooler / radiator.

"Here's some pics I found on my site. The two rubber hoses in the front run down to a small tank behind the bumper (maybe 1/2 gal.). The tank is connected to a little 12v marine pump. If the ignition is on, the pump runs and circulates fluid through the cooler. It's got its own little radiator that sits in front of the main radiator. Next time I think to, I'll borrow the infrared heat gun from work and see what the engine temps are like. It's a simple system, probably cost under a grand in fab work and fits under the hood fine since there's a routing pipe for the charger where the cooler sits anyway - Cory"

Are you going to offer a reasonable priced - available unit? If so count me in! Its on the list of things to do in time :D


It is not a mister from Home Depot. It certainly wasn't priced like one anyway. ::) . BUT, it does work.
Is that a busted link or the Comcast/Att changeover? Won't work for me and can't find your pics. Hope it's not just me and the computer gremlins. :'(
http://csfillmRe: Intercooler for TRD supercharger

That link is busted for me as well. The intercooler used to be on ,but that is not working anymore. Maybe the guys last name is Fillmore. ???

The link doesn't work for me either - I emailed Cory for a new link or photos.


Yup, Cory Fillmore

Hey all - sorry for the ignore, I don't get around to this board too often, mostly just the LCML. The link is busted thanks to me, Frontpage, and some rookie publishing. I've even stumped Comcast as to the fix. I should have the photos and more info back up soon.

I really didn't think the intercooler did much until it was out of commission recently when the 80 got hit. With 95 degree temps in Salt Lake and the AC on high, the engine was running HOT. A lot of the time the AC would shut itself off, I guess to prevent overheating. I got the pump replaced and the cooler filled, and everything is back to normal. Only time the truck heats up now is if I'm climbing a mountain pass with the AC on and maintaining 75.

Anyway, any questions, just let me know.

I got an American (I said that because has a kit for the fj80 which has some pretty awesome numbers but the intake manifold looks different) 93 FZJ80 with the 4.5L (1FZFE) petrol engine with the A442 automatic tranmission. I want to do a intercooled forced induction system and still have the same dilemma that I had 2 years ago when I started researching my options which were and still are:

1.) TRD S/C without an intercooler, no chip, no peace of mind when I romp done on the gas because the timing has not been changed, nor has the gas or air flow been increased.

2.) Safari Intercooled turbo for only the 95-97's with unichip. Great for those who have those models but Safari is discontinuing these like they did for the 93-94's.

3.) Custom - and who knows what that cost will be with the Engine Management System, custom made tubing, intercooler core, Supercharger, dyno tuning, and labor.

Al at told me Safari will soon discontinue these altogether as well because the Aussies usually modify the vehicles when new instead of waiting for them to get out of warranty like we yankees do over here in the states. Consequently, Safari believes the market for the 80 series in the USA dries up as the years pass which is exactly the opposite as the yankees start buying old 80's because they become more affordable. Nice paradox we have here, right? Also, Al mentioned that he heard TRD would be discontinuing there Supercharger as well. That doesn't bother me as much because their was no chip or intercooling included with the unit. Al, said that a customer was in talks with unichip about producing a unichip for the 80 outfitted with TRD S/C. So, I will be following up about that. When I asked him whether he thought less aftermarket forced induction kits would be developed, he said "yes" and added that he was glad that he had his 94 already with an intercooled turbo. Needless to say, I am pretty bummed about that bleak prospect and have even considered buying the last intercooled T/C that man-a-fre has in stock as a "just in case" scenario, but want to keep my stronger A442 to handle future powerful mods.

Desparately seeking answers. The 1FZFE is big engine and definately needs to have all its potential realized. I don't care about those who say it's not a race car. Not everyone wants to crawl over stupid rocks at like .1 mph. Some might want to pass a truck on 2 line highway without feeling the stomach in their throat, or wait maybe just get out of some deep mud without having to have the lowest gears on the planet. I love my 80, but the engine begs for forced induction with intercooling. So much more potential. Not that this is needed but some Arab has his engine on his 80 putting out 700hp. 700hp!!!!!! Of course, that is obscene but it illustrates how much power is not being realized without intercooled forced induction combined with engine management to control increased fuel and air as well as modified timining.

Is anybody doing any custom performance of this sort? What engine management system are they using? What was the inlet air temp, EGT temp, what blower was used, safe boost levels, intercooler brand, who did the plumbing work, any recommendations for San Diego shops????
I wonder if we stand to gain if we try corresonding with the 700 hp Arab fella .
doesn't the 80 use the same block as the supra did? Anyone? If sooooo, I've seen those puppies jucied up to 1000hp no problem. If this is the same block with maybe a differently ported head for offroad potential - then using the supra twin or single turbo, wiring and ecu should work. Just something I've been thinking of for a while now. If anyone can tell me if the blocks are the same would be great!!
[quote author=Tyler link=board=2;threadid=1626;start=msg86497#msg86497 date=1073527051]
I wonder if we stand to gain if we try corresonding with the 700 hp Arab fella .

Well, if my feble math skills are somewhat right I'd say around 400 horses. :rolleyes: I bet the $ per HP would choke a, well, a horse. :flipoff2:

x, The 1FZ is not even close to the same block as a Supra. For starters it has 50% more displacement.
Oh goody ... so we're talkin 2000 hp Dan ?? %/
I said +400 HP, :slap:

I don't know about them Nitrous-sniffing 2JZ motors in Supras.

I imagine a 1FZ crank would get dizzy spinning that fast. :whoops:
Where's that guy with the race team ? Maybe he can tap into his contacts in the industry .

I propose we get a list of folks wanting the intercooled turbo . Maybe a few more will suddenly appear in North America . Batch buy might be cheaper . What are we tallking her ? 20 ? 50 units ? Get 'em shipped to Christo's , and we could all show up and have a turbofest ;)))
I got into this thread late but is that not a aftercool verse a intercooler?

Recently I read a good piece on custom buidling your own intercool, very strait forward if you have a aluminum welder and a hellaofa lot cheaper.

My turbo intercooled 80 was 300hp, @ the rear wheels, and 520nm, also at the rear wheels, at 10 psi boost, the same motor now runs 20 psi, straight lpg, and makes 380rwhp, with the big auto on the back and 38 swampers [new owner]

Good fuel, a water spray on the intercooler and you too could have 300+ rwhp extremely reliably, and 11.2 lt per 100km was its best economy with unichip fitted.

Less comp and even more would be easy.

You havent lived until youve had your 80 on the rev limiter in top gear :D
Whom do I make the cheque payable ?? *W*
Group buy for the Safari Turbo kit? I'm interested. How many more people do we need now? 48?

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