interchangability 94lc & 96-97 lx

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I’m in need of some parts for my 94 cruiser:

1. a driver’s seat
2. drivers side mirror
3. antenna
4. hood

My question is are the 94 lc hoods, mirror’s, set and antenna the same as the 96-97 lx450 hoods? I’m located in Canada and we never got the lc Rig’s. I’m hoping some of these parts are the same as on the 96-97 lx450’s as some these might? Be sourced in Canada. Otherwise I will have to get the parts new or import them from a US company that supplies used lc parts.

All those parts should be interchangeable, I kno that the Lx's had a redesigned front grille but I don’t think they went as far as altering the hood, so I think you should be ok installing LX parts

The hood is the same as are the outer mirrors. The antenna is different. It may or may not be able to adaped to function in the early 80. the 97 model 80 shares the same antenna as the 96-97 LX450. THe seat will not have the same upholstry as an 80 but it will physically fit in the vehicle.


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