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Feb 18, 2019
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I am trying to get an answer as to whether my 2/79 fj40 intake manifold will accept/be compatible with the 1981+ 2F carburetor Insulator?

Digging thru the history books I found this is the FAQ section from 2006.

Topic: Intake Manifold Variations

58-9/66: F135 Engine [3.9 liter] 1bbl cast iron intake standard, 2bbl optional. 4 bolt attachment to exhaust manifold

9/66-9/69: F145 Engine[3.9 liter] 2bbl aluminum intake with wide runners standard. 3bolt attachment to exhaust. 4 bolt bosses on the side of the intake for oil filter bracket, which attached via an adapter plate.

10/69-1/72: F145 Engine[3.9 liter] 2bbl intake with narrow runners. 69 and 70 models had one vacuum port only, for the 4wd shifter. 71 had one port on the side for the brake booster. 72 added a second one in front of the carb for filtered manifold vacuum.

1/72-12/74: F155 Engine[ 3.9 liter] 2bbl intake with narrow runners. 74 Cali intake is distinguishable because there is a large hole in the side of the intake under the carb for the Cali-spec EGR system.

1/75-1/79: 2F [4.2 liter] 2bbl intake with 5 bolt attachment to exhaust. Port behind carb for brake booster, port under carb for PCV, port in front of carb for filtered vacuum source.

1/79-9/87 2F [4.2 liter] 2bbl aluminum intake with 5 bolt attachment to exhaust. Main distinction from earlier 2F intakes is that EGR ports into the side of the intake underneath the carb, alongside the PCV system.

The 81+ Carb Insulator in question:

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