Instrument cluster finally back online, question though....

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Apr 1, 2006
Randy of RTCustoms came over Sunday and we installed a battery tray and Optima Yellow top, & ran preliminary wires to the electrical components of my new V8. He hooked up the ignition and we made the starter bump!!!!! Pretty cool. Now we need to tap switched 12V in the ignition loom, connect an oil pressure sender unit, get real battery/alternator cabling made, install fuel pump and its plumbing, connect VSS and a MIL, fill up gas and oil and we can start it up. Oops forgot to mention install radiator and plumbing.

So back to speedo.....Obviously the speedo plugs into the center, and the round multi-pin plugs into its round female plug, but which wires hook up to the posts behind the AMP meter? I have two wires with eye terminals on them: one all white, one white with blue stripe. Which is connected to + and which is connected to -? Should the AMP meter be in the center always?


white to pos
White/Blue to neg

I found a 77 schematic on Coolermans site but no 75---but that matched my 71 also

if it was wrong it would be easy to figure out cause it would read backwards

white goes to the starter solenoid and white/blue goes to the alternator

What appears white/blue to me is listed as WL in the schematic for white + Light purple

The ammeter should normally read in the center to the left means your running down the battery to the right means you are charging it from the alternator

in the center means the battery is fully charged and you are not putting a load on it to deplete it so it is sustaining full batt charge
That's how I connected them! Super.

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