Installing Manifold - flat or lock washers?

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Aug 28, 2006
1970 FJ-40 with "F" motor

I was able to purchase new OEM studs and nuts for my intake/exhaust manifold from the Toyota dealership. However they didn't have the washers.

So I'm planning on getting washer at the Hardware store. My question is whether to buy FLAT washers or LOCK washer???
I hit a bolt specialty shop and got high grade flat machine washers. Ended up honing half of each by the delta that I measured in the intake and exhaust flanges to make sure I solved a manifold leak (2F) and it has worked fine.

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Flat. And as Mustard did (but in English :D), you might have to cut some washers in half to get the surface of the intake and exh sides the same level, or distance from the head surface. I've seen the "ears" on the intakes crack from being "pulled down" to the level of the exh manifold.

If you have trouble getting the 'half-moons' to stay put, a dab of anti-seize makes 'em stick.
Call a better Toyota parts counter and get the correct washers.

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