Installing factory tube tire carrier on 77 FJ40, questions.

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Jul 19, 2011
Columbus, OH
I have a 77 FJ40 and I am thinking of installing the factory tube tire carrier to carry a 33x10.5 All Terrain. My quarter panel is new and has no holes. I need help with the following:
1. Is it advisable? Obviously the other option is to go 4+.
2. What is the location of the holes? I have the holes on the sill where it locks and could hold it up from there but I would like a double check on it.
3. Are those holes threaded and if so what thread?
4. Should I reinforce the quarter panel? What are the options, backing plate or something welded? Was there a factory reinforcement?
5. How much will a 33 inch tire stick out the side? Will it block the right hand ambi door?

Here you go:


I hope this helps.
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There is a support bracket on the inside of the tub where the 4 upper bolts go. Once that is in place the 4 bottom bolts will be properly located. I can post a picture of the support bracket later if nobody beats me to it. That support bracket is important, tire carrier & tire would be too heavy without it.
Being only five doors down from each other, we can set up a time for you to come check mine out. I don't know it ours will be different or not. It's sitting in my father in law's garage but on the next nice day I can go get it. I'm sure my wife will be more than willing to give up her garage spot for a couple of days.;)
My 33X10.5 BFGs fit and carry very well with stock carrier. Should be no problem with the right door as it is about 4" shy of mid line.
002 (2).JPG
Thanks for the info and pics.

78fj40mg, that diagram is perfect.

N919HJ, I would like to get a close-up pic of the support and take a look at it. Let me know. I am hoping to do it soon before the weather gets too nice.
Does anyone else have close-up pictures of the reinforcement plate behind the sheet metal at the top hinge? And are they all the same 1977 onward?
Not that interested in wheeling.
A few more questions. What size are the bolts that hold the tire carrier? Also what size are the holes in the tub and are they threaded or just straight holes? And lastly does anyone have the location of the rear reflectors?
I'm trying to mount the rubber cushion on the rear sill. Are those dimensions in post #2 accurate? If you add 5.25 + 6.25 + 16.75 the dimension to the lower catch bolt from the lower hinge bolt would be 28.25. that puts it past the center of the ambulance doors?? The picture doesn't show it that far over. I also checked the vertical 12.5 dimension and my carrier measures 10.5. I'm really confused with these dimensions.
I noticed that too, then realised the horizontal measurements are all from the starting point of the line. Look where the catch is on the left door. Bolt the carrier on and see where it lands.

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