Installing Energy Suspension body mount kit...

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Apr 1, 2006
What a PITA. Mounted # 1 & it cross threads right off the bat.....friggin taco'd. I proceed to use my hi-lift to gain some space between tuba & frame to slide those pucks in there. That worked. Mounts 1-4 went in ok. I left everything loose for now so I can get the whole tub mounted and will proceed to the passenger side in AM.

Mounts 5-6 at back bumper are giving me trouble since the tub is riding a tad high and the bolts won't catch the captured nut. Just not long enough. I wish I had some weight to drop in the tub.

Question is what to do with the cross threaded mount #1? Cut off the captured nut and weld another on? Retap it? Suggestions? The damn bolt is going in at a 30 degree angle!

Also, the captured nuts force the bolt to stop right even at the top, you cannot pass the bolt through. The captured nut and mount it's welded to will spin if you try to tighten the mount all the way. I was thinking of putting an open ended 11mm on the captured nut if I can get one in there, it's a very tight space, and and hit that bolt with the air ratchet. Maybe it will send 'er home?

Anyone go through this already?

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pics help, we like truck porn.
I'd try the tap first. Worst thing that could happen is it doesn't clean the treads out enough and you have to replace the captive nut.

As for the other captives: if the bolts aren't tightening before they bottom out, you have the wrong length bolt. Either add washers or remove threads.
Yeah there's room, I think. Pisses me off. I guess a $125 product shouldn't fit the application it was developed for? I thought the shims were only at the rear just past the back axle.....I need to get back under there and take a few pictures.
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