Installing a Dissent Rear Bumper feat. Frame Rust

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Aug 10, 2022
If you have a lot of rear frame rust as per rusty 100 things, not all hope is lost for a rear bumper. In this post I'll detail the issues I had with pretty gnarly frame rust and how my local fab guy Kyce did a great job fixing the frame up and installing the amazing Dissent Rear Bumper. Obviously, the ideal situation is having a non rusty 100, but I like my 100 rust and all.

I'll start with how the frame looked, pictures below.






Frame situation was... not great. As you can see the frame by the driver side tow hook was cracked where it meets the crossmember. Probably from pulling someone at some point this past summer. The passenger side was getting there too. The nuts on the inside of the frame were completely rusted out. On the driver side they just fell out when I put a hiking pole in there to take them out. The rear cross member itself was ok-ish, at least salvageable. I could have gotten the replacement cross member with tow, but I don't want to be tempted to buy fun things I can tow living in Alaska. I spend enough money as is. And then I'd have to regear at some point, even more money lol.

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Onto the fixes, I'll preface by saying I wasn't standing over my repair man Kyce's shoulder, but he showed me his work as he went along and when I picked it up. I know not every case of rust is the same, but hopefully this helps give people in similar situations an idea of what is to be expected. In total he spent 9 hours fixing the frame, and 11 hours installing everything with the bumper, swingouts, electrical, and all. Glad he did because getting the bumper to fit after fixing the frame can be challenging as the geometries being off by a small amount calls some force.

This is where the 3 peice design of the Dissent Bumper became very convenient. I don't know if other bumpers mount the same way, but having the separate pieces helped Kice line up the bumper with his fixes to get it mounted. Definitely took some muscling from how he described it.

Photos of fixes below:






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