Install directions for Metaltech caster plates?

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Mar 26, 2012
Castaic, Los Angeles
I just got my caster plates from metaltech. Included with the plates were all the additional bolts/nuts/washers. There were no instructions as to where which bolt/nut/washer goes where. There were 4 long bolts of the same size that I think go through the bushings (no corresponding nuts). Then there were 3 more bolts that were larger diameter with matching nuts, one of them was about 4" long. The other two bolts were about 1" long. There is also a spacer included that goes inside the factory mount on the axle for the topmost bolt on the plates, but only one spacer, and it's too long. I can trim the spacer no problem, but have no idea what side it's supposed to go on.

I tried calling metaltech but got the answering machine, and they are closed for the weekend.

I searched but couldn't find what I was looking for. If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it, I just got home from work and wanted to knock this out.
It sounds like the metaltech plates and similar to design of the slee plates. I know that slee has the directions posted on their site. Might be worth a quick check.

Warpdrive, your plates look like mine, which are Ironman plates.

I found the slee install directions last night. These plates are exactly the same as the metaltech's. I just finished installing the plates about an hour ago. The little upper bolts on the passenger side were a pain in the ass to tighten, I actually don't think I tightened them enough. There isn't much clearance to get a large wrench on both sides of those bolts.
Make sure to retorque them a couple of times.

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