Inside rear cargo basket next to headliner

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Apr 14, 2008
North of LA California
Saw a guy mount shelf in his rear cargo area 7" from the headliner. He was able to store jackets and other items without obstructing his view out the back of the vehicle.

This was done in a 100 series where he mounted the shelf to the grab handle for third row passengers.

If someone with a 60 or 62 wagon were interested in this could we do it without custom mounts in the rear?

I can use rear bench seat seat belt mounts at the C pillar for the forward mount.

What do we have under the headliner that I could mount to in the rear? Any recessed nuts, holes, or other things to mount to?
There are a couple of inched of sheet metal under the headliner above the windows in the cargo area. You could add nutserts into that metal.

What Godwin said, there's no tapped holes conveniently waiting there behind the liner. Big oversight by Toyota IMO.
good tech all around...I like this idea, Randy.
The 80 guys are way ahead on this

Attic racks made cheap and easy - 80 series

A solid shelf is the way to go. For a few years we had a net shelf strung between 4 grab handles and it was ok for clothing but always sagged.

I've been thinking about doing a solid shelf in the cargo area in my 60 but other more critical issues keep cropping up.
Made a bungy net for my 80 years ago and it worked great, never sagged, used heavy bungy cord, hog rings and some zip ties.
Bummer. I was hoping there was some NON-US threads or supports hiding back there.
There's plenty of holes and brackets but nothing with a captive nut. Nutsert is the way to go.
'plenty' is good. Any pics hiding before I do a forum wide search of headliners removed in the rear to show roughly where these may be?

Trying to avoid removing me headliner in the rear.
Here is a shot with headliner and window removed.

I've been trying to figure out how and make some similar mounts for fishing rod and fly rod mounts from a solid point in the ceiling, without changing the headliner look when the rods are not installed.

Look at Kevin Rowland's setup. He has a net, but put nut rivets above the Windows without changing the headliner or removing. This is his truck, not mine.
Kevin's 60. Might be able to get some measurements off these pics.
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Is it me or does the picture jfnall posted show the rear headliner supports having screws.

slice a little hole and use those screws.

Or was that done by him using rivet nut certs?
Those screws are factory. There is a slot for another roof bow to the right, towards the back of the truck. but I've been told it wasn't part of the North American 60s. holes to the right may be threaded. 60 is not here for me to take a quick look.
The roof bows do have threaded inserts but they are very small. The US 60's don't have the aft hoop installed. They are also attached with thread locker and in 3 different removal attempts in 3 different 60's, I had to grind every single screw head off. The thread locker might as well been welding.

So, there are some options for non-structual attach points, but they are not easy to use.
Randy those phillips screws are the same size, and pitch thread, as any 10mm bolt on these rigs...
I have a couple of those bows that will be going in the thrash if nobody wants them.
Also to remove those screws I used this manual impact driver

I imagine a good JIS screwdriver would also do the trick...

Between the threaded bolts from these bows, and the handle assist over the doors you should be able to anchor a net just like Kevin did.
There are some not threaded holes up there that all you would need to do is find the right size nutsert.

EDIT: the bows do not have any good size wholes for nutserts, so drilling would need to be done...
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Dibs on roof bows before trash day, please!!!- heck- even just one of them...TY
I have a JIS screwdriver so maybe I can get them out that way.

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